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Vintage Ports

Croft Vintage Port 2000
£ 50.00
An opaque core with limpid ruby rim. The nose is very dense and the palate is full-bodied, with an attractive hint of blood orange on the after-taste. Good length.
Delaforce, 2000
£ 40.00
Smoky, burnt, with lots of dried cherry, apricot, and crushed flower aromatics. Notes of same, with hints of alcohol on the palate. Very enjoyable.
Grahams - Malvedos 2004
£ 25.00
Berry and summer fruit nose, spicy with some herbal hints over floral, voluptuous, minty fruit with violets and a fine tannic backbone and peppery complexity.
Graham's 10 Year Old Tawny Port
£ 16.99
Deep tawny colour with complex nutty and honey aromas. On the palate, rich mature fruit flavours and a long luscious finish.
Graham's Fine Tawny Port
£ 14.20
Fine tawny colour, with complex nutty aromas combined with hints of honey and figs. On the palate, mature fruit flavours, beautifully mellowed and a luscious long finish.
Graham's Fine White port
£ 14.20
Fresh and delicate sweet port with appealing grape and almond flavours and a gorgeous pale, golden colour. Chilled it is a refreshing aperitif or enhances light, simple sweet desserts.
Warres - Bottle Matured LBV 2004
£ 20.00
Warre's Vintage Port 1997
£ 52.00
"Dark ruby. Subtle and rich aromas of prune, spice, juniper berry and leaves. Full-bodied and medium sweet, with big round tannins. Lasts for minutes on the palate. Still very young. It's lost its youthful toughness, but give it a little more time."

Wine Spectator