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Vintage Ports

Croft Vintage Port 2000
£ 50.00
An opaque core with limpid ruby rim. The nose is very dense and the palate is full-bodied, with an attractive hint of blood orange on the after-taste. Good length.
Delaforce, 2000
£ 40.00
Smoky, burnt, with lots of dried cherry, apricot, and crushed flower aromatics. Notes of same, with hints of alcohol on the palate. Very enjoyable.
Grahams - Malvedos 2004
£ 25.00
Berry and summer fruit nose, spicy with some herbal hints over floral, voluptuous, minty fruit with violets and a fine tannic backbone and peppery complexity.
Graham's 10 Year Old Tawny Port
£ 16.99
Deep tawny colour with complex nutty and honey aromas. On the palate, rich mature fruit flavours and a long luscious finish.
Graham's Fine Tawny Port
£ 14.20
Fine tawny colour, with complex nutty aromas combined with hints of honey and figs. On the palate, mature fruit flavours, beautifully mellowed and a luscious long finish.
Graham's Fine White port
£ 14.20
Fresh and delicate sweet port with appealing grape and almond flavours and a gorgeous pale, golden colour. Chilled it is a refreshing aperitif or enhances light, simple sweet desserts.
Martinez, Vintage Port, 2000
£ 40.00
Remarkable for the sheer depth of colour and richness that is evident in the wine. It has an aromatic quality, along with balance and harmony. The port is ripe fruit, fleshy, with structure and concentration. 
Warres - Bottle Matured LBV 2004
£ 20.00
Warre's Vintage Port 1997
£ 52.00
"Dark ruby. Subtle and rich aromas of prune, spice, juniper berry and leaves. Full-bodied and medium sweet, with big round tannins. Lasts for minutes on the palate. Still very young. It's lost its youthful toughness, but give it a little more time."

Wine Spectator