Terra Noble CA 1 Andes Carmenere 2021
£ 29.50
Grown in the warm Andes foothills of the Colchagua valley, CA1 is a Carmenere of great character and power. This is a rich wine, with intense aromas of ripe red fruit. The round tannins, together with the lush concentration of the fruit on the palate reveals to us the best expression of Carmenere grown at the foot of the Andes Mountain. 
Terra Noble CA 2 Costa Carmenere 2019
£ 29.50
This is a very unique Carmenere, it offers both refreshing elegance and character. The constant breezes of the pacific ocean cool the grapes, slowly maturing the intense aromas of dark fruit and spice. Together with the soft texture and intense flavours on the palate, this wine is a perfect expression of Carmenere from the coast of Chile.
Terra Noble Gran Reserva Carmenere 2019, Chile
£ 16.00
With intense and deep ruby red colour, this wine has harmonic aromas of fig, ripe black fruit with coffee, spices and toasty notes. The tannins provide a silky smooth wine.
Terra Noble Reserva Carmenere 2020, Chile
£ 11.00
Deep red colour, ripe red fruit aromas with a hit of spice. Good fruit on the palate with mineral and coffee notes with well structured and balanced tannins.
Terra Noble Reserva Especial Carmenere 2020, Maule Valley, Chile
£ 12.80
Full of elegant aromas and flavours, fig, tobacco, coffee and toasty notes. A delicious wine!